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New Report: Active Users per Day

Jul 15, 2016 by Ian Byrne

We have another new report for you today, our Active Users per Day report has just been released.
Customers of Cogmotive Office 365 Reports will be able to find it in the General User Reports section.
And it should look a little like this:
The report shows the number of active Exchange and Skype users within your chosen date range (which you can do by selecting the dates you want to see in the top right-hand corner).
You might be wondering how we define ‘Active’ for each of these services? Well here’s how:

  • An ‘Active’ Exchange user is someone who has logged into their mailbox on that day. This can be via Outlook, Outlook Web Access, a Mobile Device (ActiveSync), POP, IMAP, or any other way your user is able to access their mailbox.
  • An ‘Active’ Skype user is someone who logged into Skype for Business on that day, through either the desktop application or a mobile application.

The Active Users per Day report is packed full of information on three crucial areas of Office 365. It can help give you a real insight into day-to-day adoption of any services that are new to your organisation, particularly as technologies such as Skype for Business can require extra training, on-boarding, or just a bit of extra encouragement to get your users using them. This report will tell you if the active users are low, and whether it might be time to investigate any issues, monitor any trends or educate your organisation in best practices. The activity figures can be used in all sorts of ways. You can see whether your users have been accessing business applications outside of working hours, for example on weekends, or public holidays. You can compare the technologies to gauge user preferences or habits, for example are your users still using Exchange when they could be communicating on Skype?
Why not see how many active users you have now, it only takes a couple of clicks!
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