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New Report: Active OneDrive Users Per Day

7 Nov 2017 by Doug Davis

We have a brand new report in Radar for SharePoint Online: our reporting application which provides usage, storage and security analytics for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.The Active OneDrive Users Per Day Report will give you insight into daily usage of OneDrive, it can be used to collect historical data for trend analysis and measuring adoption.

What constitutes as ‘usage’?

Anytime a user views, edits or shares a file that user will be considered to have used OneDrive that day, and they will be counted as an ‘Active User’ in this report.

Why do you need to usage analytics for OneDrive?

The report is a great tool to see if overall OneDrive usage, on a per user basis, is growing within your organization. Many organizations roll out OneDrive for Business to centralize document management in the cloud, this can make backups, recovery, and retention of company data much easier, more reliable, and quickly visible. While this is often the intention when implementing OneDrive for Business, the reality of ensuring your users are working, saving, and collaborating in the cloud (and not saving to their desktops or local machines) can be much more challenging. Without collecting data on OneDrive usage, which can be easily filtered to segment each department or region’s usage, you’ll never truly know if your adoption strategies are working across your organization.

The Active OneDrive Users Per Day report, and our entire set of usage reporting can help measure current levels of adoption, as well as successfully target areas where current strategies might be failing, and more attention is required. Like most of our other reports, there are two visual elements: a chart and a table. The chart is a linear or bar representation of the number of OneDrive users for the given day. The table is a list of Active OneDrive Users for the days in question and can be rearranged and exported. The date range at the top right of the report can be customized to the specific date range you need.

This report can be customized, filtered, saved and scheduled. If you need to see active OneDrive users every week/month/ or any preferred interval, you can automate the report to run with your requirements, and receive it straight to your inbox – taking the hassle out of measuring adoption!

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