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New Report: Accepted Domains in Office 365

14 Nov 2018 by Doug Davis

We have a brand-new report for you this week, an Accepted Domains report.

Many Office 365 tenants have a list of accepted domains for which email can be sent to the tenant for routing and acceptance. For some large tenants, this list can be quite large. The Accepted Domains report solves the problem of having to track down and get all these domains together and simply puts them all into one list with this report.

This report is pure simplicity, just click on it, and you’ll see any accepted domains in your tenant. As you can see in the screenshot below, this report can be customized, filtered, and scheduled

Remember, once released our reports are available immediately. All you have to do is log into the application, and you can try them out straight away!

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In case you were wondering how to add a domain to Office 365, we also added a quick step-by-step guide below.

How to add a new domain to Office 365

First things first, you are only able to add custom domains to a business or enterprise plan.

  1. Head into the Admin Center. Expand ‘Setup’ and click on ‘Domains’.
  2. In the inset view, click ‘+ Add Domain’
  3. Enter your chosen domain, then click ‘next’
  4. In the next view, you will see a couple of options for domain verification: notification to the registered contact with a verification code, or by adding a TXT record.
  5. Once verified, you can set up your online services. You will be presented with two options:
    1. ‘Set up my online resources for me’ (you’ll need to check that option is available for your DNS host, as some do not allow you to use this feature).
    2. ‘I’ll manage my own DNS records.’
  6. If you want to add the DNS records yourself, click ‘next’, and you’ll see a page listing all the records that need to be added in order to set up your domain. It is possible to skip this if you decide you want to do it later.
  7. Click ‘finish’, and you should be set up.
  8. Finally, you should verify that you can add users to your domain. In the Admin portal, go to Users, then Active Users
  9. Then check that your new domain is included in the drop-down section under ‘Domain’ when adding a new user.
  10. If it’s there, then your done, and your new domain is ready to use!

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