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New OneDrive for Business Sync Client announced

25 May 2015 by Emma Robinson

Microsoft announced a new OneDrive for Business Sync Engine at Microsoft Ignite that solves many pain points that we and many other customers have been facing.
Here are the highlights:

  • Single Sync Engine for all OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, based on the rock solid consumer OneDrive codebase
  • Selective Sync – allows you to sync only the folders and files you want
  • No more 20,000 file limit
  • Supports files up to 10GB each
  • More disk space efficient
  • More Admin controls – Ability to block Personal Sync and Sync from Un-Managed devices

Microsoft have also committed to it being available in “2015” – but there is no indication of when yet.
Either way, we’re very excited about the possibilities. ¬†We have been yearning for these features for a while and would love to see no more Sync Errors!