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New Mail Traffic Reports – Size of Sent and Received Emails

16 Nov 2015 by Ian Byrne

Some of our most popular reports are our Mail Traffic reports, those that provide insights into the number of emails flowing in and out of your Office 365 environment.
Today we have extended the functionality of these reports to include the size (in MB) of the emails.
Mail Traffic by Size
This information can be useful in finding who is sending large emails within your organisation – perhaps you have recently rolled out a collaborative tool such as SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business, and wish to see how adoption rates are going.
You can do this by comparing the drops in the Mail Traffic Overview report with rises in the OneDrive Storage History report. In the below example we can see that from the beginning of November, the size of emails dropped as the amount of storage consumed on OneDrive rose.
Mail Traffic Size vs OneDrive Storage
These revamped Mail Traffic reports are immediately available to existing customers of our Office 365 reporting product. Couple them with our SharePoint Online Reports to gain insights like in the example above.
If you would like greater visibility within your own environment, why not sign up for a free trial?