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New Feature: Two New Widgets for Office 365 Reports

20 Apr 2016 by Ian Byrne

We have added a couple of new widgets that are now available on the Office 365 Reports dashboard. Widgets are a great way to get an overview of useful information, and identify problems  quickly, and Cogmotive dashboards are completely customisable on a per user basis, allowing each user to select and prioritise the details that they need to see first.
Our latest widgets are:
Spam and Malware History This widget shows data for the last five days of the ‘Spam and Malware Traffic’ report. The widget allows you to get an overview of spam and malware when you sign into your Cogmotive Reports account. You can see immediately if your organisation’s spam filters have been performing effectively over the last five days, without having to go to the report. This quick overview can show you if there are any issues or discrepancies at a glance, which you can explore further by drilling into the ‘Spam and Malware Traffic’ report.
Skype Conferences – This widget contains the data for the last five days from the ‘Skype Conferences’ report.  The widget gives you an overview of Conference details for Skype for Business at a glance. This widget is particularly helpful if you have recently implemented Skype for Business and need to monitor adoption and usage, particularly as it shows a breakdown of all session types.
These widgets are available now to all Cogmotive Office 365 Reports customers. If you want to find out more about how to add, remove and customise your widgets, this support article can help.
If you would like greater insight into your Office 365 environment, why not find out more about what Cogmotive Office 365 Reports can do for you? Or test out these widgets for yourself by taking a free 14 day trial.