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New Feature: Publishable Dashboards

7 Aug 2017 by Doug Davis

Data isn’t useful until the right people can see it, and there are countless reasons why users across the business might benefit from a better understanding of how Office 365 is being used. This is why Cogmotive reports has sophisticated role based access controls built into every module, and why it’s easy to export and email reports to stakeholders across your organisation.
Shareable reports are useful, but what if you need to convey the bigger picture, and one report isn’t enough? That’s where dashboards come in. Dashboards are a powerful way to tell a data driven story, and we hear about customers using our customisable dashboards for all kinds of use cases in Cogmotive Reports. It hasn’t been possible to share these dashboards beyond the application view, until now.
Our latest addition to the entire Cogmotive product suite are Publishable Dashboards. The feature allows you to publish your dashboard to a URL so it can be viewed by others (who do not need access to Cogmotive Reports).
This feature is available on any user-defined dashboard, once you have saved it and populated with data. In the upper right hand corner there is now a button to “Publish Dashboard”.

Before you push the publish button, first make sure that the dashboard is in the state that you are happy with, as the data will appear as shown on the dashboard view. Once you click the button, the following pop-up will appear.
Once you click publish, the URL for the dashboard will be shown. This can be copied and pasted where required.
There is also the option to add an Access Key which needs to be entered to view the data. This is optional.

In a browser, paste the URL and you will be able to see the dashboard. If an access key was configured, you will be asked to enter it to view the dashboard.

The full dashboard will now be available. This view is interactive if the underlying account has the right access rights within Cogmotive Reports itself.

The data in the dashboard will refresh according to your data collection schedule (usually once every 24 hours). If the dashboard is no longer needed it can be unpublished using the same process (just click the ‘Publish Dashboard’ button and select the ‘unpublish’ option).
Example use cases for Publishable Dashboards:

  • HR and license management
    There are plenty of cost and security based reasons for ensuring that user management is handled effectively. If you need a way of sharing Office 365 license and user information with HR then publishable dashboards are a useful, secure way to share this information.
  • Sales performance
    If your sales manager needs to monitor their team’s performance, including the amount of inbound/outbound email sent, or number of Skypes calls, a dashboard is the perfect way to get a comprehensive overview.
  • Service status and operations
    If you’re working in IT or Operations at a large global company with various, widespread locations, then setting up a dashboard to show service issues, and key operational metrics is a great way to stay informed and in sync.

Want to publish your dashboards? If you have a Cogmotive account, you can log in here to try the new feature. If you’re new to Cogmotive Reports, why not sign up for a free 14-day trial, and see what powerful, detailed reporting can show you.
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