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New Feature: New Cogmotive Service Status page launched

Jun 9, 2016 by Emma Robinson

We posted a blog yesterday about the current Microsoft Skype For Business reporting outage that is causing issues for Office 365 users and service providers, but is yet to be raised as an official incident by Microsoft, which you can read about here. In dealing with this ongoing issue, we realised that there was room for a new feature in our tools to provide as much transparency as possible about what might be affecting our customer’s access to their services.
Our applications rely on over a dozen third party provided API endpoints and services to bring together the information that makes up Cogmotive’s reporting applications.  Whilst we have complete control over our own environment, we often find ourselves unable to collect certain types of information from some of these endpoints, which result in some of our customers’ reports occasionally not showing the most up to date information.  Troubleshooting, reporting and escalating these problems within infrastructures that we cannot control is difficult, time consuming and as a result, we often inform our customers of these problems far later than we’d like to.
We’ve always had a Cogmotive Service Status page available, but did a terrible job notifying our customers that it was there. As of today we are going to be making a concerted effort to improve communication with our customers when these types of events occur.
To start with, we will be adding this Cogmotive Service Status information into a page alongside our Office 365 Service Status page within the applications themselves.  Information will be added to this page as soon as we identify an issue that could affect your tenant, and we will continue to provide regular updates as we receive them from our third party providers.  This page will also show upcoming maintenance that could affect your ability to log in and access your reporting information.
Our Service Status
We will continue to improve the page over the next few months to incorporate maintenance and issues into the Service Status notifier.