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New Report: Inactive Mail Recipients

Jun 9, 2016 by Ian Byrne

The eagle-eyed users of our Office 365 Reports may have noticed that we have recently added a new report to the ‘Mail Traffic’ area – Inactive Mail Recipients.
The Inactive Mail Recipients report shows you a list of mail recipients who have not sent or received a message over a given date period. You can filter for different recipient types (or a combination of types), and whether they have sent, received, or sent and received a message since a variable or specified date.
Inactive Mail Recipients
The different options for the variable date are “Since Yesterday”, “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, “This Month” and “Last Month”.
This report can help you to de-clutter your environment by enabling you to identify inactive mail recipients and remove any mailboxes that are no longer sending or receiving mail. By reducing unused mailboxes, you can also pinpoint any unnecessary licences or storage spend in order to streamline your usage.
Note: For this report, we have been collecting the data for approximately two weeks, so all of our customers will see data for this timeframe.  As we collect data every day for the previous 24 hours, the “Last Message Sent” and “Last Message Received” fields will only be populated from the time that you have been a Cogmotive Office 365 Reports customer. For example, if you started using the reporting application five days ago, a recipient who last sent a message six days ago would have an empty “Last Message Sent” field, and will come up as inactive in the “Last 7 Days” filter. As more time passes since your account creation, these fields will become more accurate and useful in finding inactive recipients.
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