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New Feature: Email Alerts in Discover & Audit

18 Jul 2017 by Doug Davis

Helping you to improve your Office 365 security is one of our top priorities, which is why we’ve developed a brand-new feature to ensure you’re always updated with the latest security alerts for your environment. We’re very excited to add Email Alerting to Discover & Audit! This feature allows you to set alerts for every report that appears in the ‘Audit’ category of Discover & Audit.
To use this alerting new feature, you will need to configure the alarm settings, which is the bell icon  next to the filtering options at the top of the Audit Log.

To configure an alarm, you first need to set up filters for the alarm to track. These filters can be set from any of the options in the drop-down bar. For example, to alert failed logon attempts you can use the ‘Logon Failure Activity filter’. There is also the option to apply multiple filters together.

Once the filters are configured, select the alert icon   to review and enable this as an alert.
Before saving an alert, you will see the parameters you have set, including activities and workloads. You can also add recipients and give the alert a name. We recommend giving the alert a memorable name so you can distinguish it from any other alerts you may set up over time. When setting up alerts, try not to make them too inclusive, and be careful not to create too many—otherwise you may find yourself getting more emails than you need!

Once you’re happy with the configuration, click on the ‘Save Alert’ button and the alert will go into effect immediately. From this point forward, any time your predefined event occurs, an alert will be sent to the email addresses configured in the alert.  You can also view the alert in the Saved Reports and Alert section. This section will show who created the alert, date of creation, last triggered date, triggered count, and the option of enabling or deleting the alert.

Early detection is the key to protecting your environment, and with this report your biggest security concerns are constantly monitored, and any signs of abnormal activity are sent straight to you. Want to try this report for your organisation? Why not sign up for a free 14-day trial and see how your Office 365 environment could benefit from Cogmotive’s powerful, customisable reporting.
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