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How to Manage Microsoft Teams: An Admin Guide

23 Apr 2019 by Becci Velzian

How to manage Microsoft Teams: An Admin Guide

How to Manage Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now two years old, and according to stats released by Microsoft in March of this year, the increasingly popular collaboration application is being used by 550,000 organizations. Since its release, Teams has improved considerably, with new integrations, features, and capabilities added frequently. Regular users will be familiar with seeing iterative changes and improvements to the UI and functionality as time goes on, posing a steady, ongoing learning curve. With this modern functionality comes a lot of challenging tasks for Admins who manage Microsoft Teams, as the application is still relatively new, there is still so much to learn. For example, what are the most effective ways for automating tasks when adding new users and channels? Or, who do I delegate my Teams Communications Support Engineer rights to?

Greg Jones, Product Owner of Quadrotech’s market-leading Office 365 management tool, has created a must-read starter guide for Admins on How to Manage Teams. He shares his wealth of experience on managing Microsoft Teams in the most efficient way possible, providing step-by-step instructions on using PowerShell, the Graph, Teams Templates, delegating rights and more. His aim in this handbook is to make time-consuming, intricate, and manual tasks, seamlessly automated and intelligible. The guide also refers to real-life examples such as a “UK Finance Team” with specific “Regulatory Compliance Channels” to illustrate the daily tasks Global Admins face in Microsoft Teams and how to execute them smoothly.

Sounds good right? Download your copy of “How to Manage Microsoft Teams: An Admin Guide” here.

Alternatively, stay tuned on the Quadrotech blog for weekly previews of this technical guide.