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New Cogmotive Reports Features for 2014

7 Jan 2014 by emma.robinson

Whilst some were off on holidays enjoying a well earned end of year break, we were hard at work publishing some new features and reports to our Office 365 Reporting application.
This way we’re hoping that our customers can come back to a better set of tools in order to make 2014 more productive and prosperous year!
Let’s take a look at what we added.

Improved Report Date Selection

Our historical reports now benefit from a more detailed date selection widget which replaces our old static time period selectors.
You can now return reporting data between two specific dates by manually selecting the dates or use the pre-canned selections.

Date Picker for Historical Reports

Date Picker for Historical Reports

If you schedule a daily report with the “Yesterday” option selected, you will be emailed a new report each day with the previous days data in it. This is great for those monthly or weekly reports that require very specific data ranges. Just set it and forget it!
You can do similar things with the Date based filters in the Custom Report and on our Report Filters.
Check out our Advanced Date Filtering blog post for more information.

Extra Data Columns on most Reports

One thing that we have come to learn over course of developing this application is that rarely does one size fit all. Many of our customers have asked for the ability to add extra columns into the data tables of our pre-defined reports.
We’ve now added this feature and most of our reports have the ability to add and remove many different sets of data. Simply click the Show/Hide Columns button at the top of the table to see what’s available.

Show/Hide Columns

Show/Hide Columns

If you have a suggestion for a column that you would like to see added to a particular report, please log a support ticket to us and we’ll try to get it added!

Re-Ordering the Columns on Reports

The columns of our data tables can now also be reordered by simply clicking the column header and dragging it to a new location.

Re-Order Columns

Re-Order Columns

Combined this with our filters and the Show/Hide Columns feature we hope to be able to provide easily customisable Office 365 reports that suit all our customers needs perfectly.

Connection by Client Type – Per User

Another of our frequently requested features was the ability to see how each user is connecting to their mailbox. Are they using Outlook, OWA or their mobile phone?
Our new Connection by Client Type report shows you exactly how each user is accessing their mailbox and shows this information over a 30 day period. This can help you free up expensive licences for people who may only be using Outlook Web Access.

Connection by Client Type - User Detail

Connection by Client Type – User Detail

That’s it for now, but we have so much more planned for the rest of the year!