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Navigating new partnerships in the cloud

Aug 30, 2017 by Doug Davis

If you’re a Solutions Provider you’ll know that the world of Office 365 offers a whole new set of opportunities just waiting to be realized.Adding powerful ‘value-add’ tools on top of Office 365 can significantly increase your bottom line revenue. Not only will you improve the value that your customers and prospects can get from their environment by offering additional benefits, you can simultaneously generate ongoing loyalty and retention for your services. The Quadrotech Partner Program is specifically designed to augment the Microsoft ecosystem, and improve your Office 365 influence. We offer complementary, standalone programs for migration and reporting, enabling partners to access new potential in Office 365.

Our reporting program offers an innovative mix of security and reporting that gives your tenants absolute visibility into their Office 365, while providing you with the ability to realize untapped revenue opportunity.

The perfect partner application

Our reporting application offers three different modules which integrate seamlessly, but also perform effectively as individual solutions. Available to be managed directly, or by your customer, here are some of the key features available:

  • Advanced filtering, enabling you to get the exact data you need.
  • Highly customizable: Report on any Azure AD attribute using the powerful Custom Report Builder.
  • Powerful data analysis using the Pivot Reports, and Custom Pivot tool.
  • Trend analysis with unlimited historical data storage.
  • Schedule, share and export your reports – business intelligence from Office 365 can be shared organization-wide.
  • Role Based Access Control: Give the right people the right information using our sophisticated permissions settings.

Use this impressive feature set to build your own customer programs. While there are various programs you can build around the solution, here are four of the most popular use cases we see:

  • Managed security services
  • Reconcile DPOR
  • Helping customers get to E5
  • Implementing management tools during a migration

Managed Security Services

Our security module provides a full audit timeline of Office 365 activity and events that can be explored for absolute clarity on internal activities (as well as failed events or suspicious actions).

With this service you can focus on offering ‘Managed Security Services’ to your tenants. This feature gives you complete visibility in a chronological view, using the Audit Timeline, and allows you to filter around specific types of audit events. Set alerts on specific actions or events that you configure or personalize. The notifications come through via email and (coming very soon) SMS or Mobile Text, alerting on the actions you set, so you can investigate swiftly, and minimize any potential impact from possible threats. With the move to the cloud, customers can feel apprehensive about their security being out of their control as it’s not on-premises, so having complete visibility serves to reduce these concerns, and – more importantly – mitigate potential risks.

Use these features to create programs or service whereby you can work with your tenants to implement stronger security for their Office 365 environment.


Reconcile DPOR

Being Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) is a powerful way to highlight your impact within the Microsoft ecosystem, however it isn’t always easy to show that you are DPOR for a given tenant. Remove any shadow of a doubt by being able to align DPOR registrations with actual usage, and quickly discover gaps in DPOR revenue. Within our Partner Portal, you can review all the tenants you have under management instantly, and see details on licenses and service usage to quantify this influence. Once your DPOR footprint has been confirmed, use this data to relay the figures to Microsoft – so your complete list of DPOR tenants are confirmed.


Helping Customers get to E5

It is often desirable for tenants to upgrade to the highest licence tier – E5. Besides offering a wider breath of additional, enterprise-grade Office 365 services, it also provides more data for analysis and opportunities for program creation.

Use our reporting application to find usage gaps and possible service additions that will support the upgrade or move to an E5 environment. Once the upgrade is complete, you can complement it with additional reporting and auditing services. If this is a new environment, this is also an opportunity to deliver powerful tools to make the migration effective and rapid. Our powerful Migration solutions offer intelligence, flexibility, and unrivaled ingestion speeds for minimal disruption, enabling customers to move quickly, and seamlessly to their E5 implementations. Reporting can be used to track progress during the migration, and beyond – for continued visibility and management.


Making the move to CSP more valuable

If you are making the switch from being an on-premises solution provider to a cloud solution provider, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. By adding migration solutions to your toolkit, you can help your customers make the same transition from on-premises to cloud. We offer a solution set that can migrate the entire email ecosystem into Office 365 quickly, with full compliance, ensuring business continuity. In addition to this, use a powerful white-labelled version of our reporting application – with your branding and domain, to build out your own tenant or an entire partner ecosystem, and further extend the reach of your services.  Close the gap between traditional on-premises service offerings, and the exciting opportunities presented in the cloud by leveraging the solutions available in both Quadrotech partner programs.


Many paths to success

As with any successful program, there are many ways you can take advantage of our partner solutions. We offer multiple streams to support and increase revenue in Office 365, each one tailored to the level of engagement you are comfortable with.

If you’re looking for something simpler, and more transactional like our reseller program, or you’re keen to create a bigger impact, build a long-lasting, partnership with us, or make our technology your own, we have something for everyone, and offer support and advice throughout the entire relationship.

Interested in Quadrotech Partner Programs? Find out more here.