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My First Week with Microsoft Teams

20 Jun 2018 by Becci Velzian

As a new Marketing Assistant at Quadrotech, I soon learned that the centre of all communications is Microsoft Teams. So, here are a few Microsoft Teams tips, broken down into a blog/potential cheerleading rendition.

T is for Teams!

There is quite literally a Team for everything. Whether you want to broadcast important news to the entire company or whether you just want to share your favourite dog pics with your team mates (check out Shermie, she’s from Chicago and a Teams mascot!)

Shermie the pug the Microsoft Teams mascot

You can even go as far to having secret teams, which is great for when you’re planning top secret marketing launches, or someone’s birthday…

Microsoft Teams partyMicrosoft Teams party with Shermie the pug

E is for Events!

Another big ‘T’ in teams is tagging! This little “@” sign is super handy for involving people in discussions, mentioning them and tagging them in photos or videos. It also creates that ‘social network’ feel at work, which I now couldn’t live without as a newbie because it’s great for meeting new people in the company no matter how senior. The “@” sign also works splendidly as virtual prodding stick to nudge people to submit their work, or more importantly their food choice for the staff meal that evening.

Teams is a one stop shop for all things collaborative, including meetings! It’s so convenient to have your ‘Meetings’ on a sidebar next to your other conversations and Teams. I tend to flick straight onto it in the morning to see what’s going on that day and now it’s ingrained into my daily routine. The ‘Teams Meeting’ button on Outlook has been a bit of a lifesaver for me too, it can be so easy to forget to set something up especially when collaborating on different platforms. Check out this link to see how Microsoft have got your back.

Quadrotech take part in many events each year including Microsoft Inspire coming up in July. Teams has been the central platform in organising every detail of the event. The shareable spreadsheets have been requisite in organising flights, hotels and peoples shoe sizes for our Quadrotech branded Vans! It’s also great for sharing progress in creating things for the event such as the stand or even Vegas themed bulls… Yep, we totally went there.

Bulls for Inspire 2018 sent on Microsoft Teams

A – for Activity!

An awesome social media style way of seeing what you’ve been tagged in and checking out what others have posted in different Teams is the ‘Activity’ sidebar. As you can imagine this can get rammed, especially when you belong to 30+ channels. So, the ‘filters’ feature is handy for seeing what you might have missed.

Microsoft Teams activity snippet

M – for Messenger!

I spend most of my time on Teams using the messenger function because it’s SO handy in a global organisation like Quadrotech to get in touch with people. The feature appears as a thread too so you can scroll back through conversations easily. It’s also a great way of sharing your work with others, as you can upload anything from your PC, OneDrive or SharePoint. Also, if you’re looking to learn a new language, messenger is the perfect opportunity to become fluent in ‘GIF’. Most of my professional conversations are now expressed through 3 seconds images of my favourite TV characters or memes.



S – for Skype who?

Teams is not only the platform to share work, instant message, and social network, but also for video calls allowing you to converse with multiple people at once and share your screen. Having everything all in one place is great for flicking between conversations, checking different channels for information and having staff parties. Yes, I repeat staff parties. Being part of a global marketing team, we’re all dotted around the world. So, getting out a prosecco, a party hat and a game of ‘Heads Up!’ is a very normal way for us to celebrate launches and all things fun!

Microsoft Teams party


Do you want to get your Team ‘On Teams’?

We’ve had a great experience with the service, but it takes time to get used to, and it can be a very steep learning curve for your O365 Admins, as well as your users.

Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday 27th June “Your First Week with Teams” hosted by Doug Davis to give you the lowdown on Microsoft Teams, with tips and advice for everything from adoption to maintenance, and management. Sign up here to get involved!