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My first month at Quadrotech

18 Jul 2019 by Chris Montalbano

My first month at Quadrotech

Hi, I’m Chris Montalbano, and I was hired as the Director of Sales for the US Northeast & Eastern Canada region one month ago. My experience here is still somewhat new, which is part of the reason for this blog, to express myself while I am still new hire. Through the hiring process, onboarding, and into my first month, my journey has proved to be what I expected. Everyone has been helpful, genuine, and my immediate team has taken a keen approach to ensure that I have the resources needed to learn and contribute early on. My teammates are dedicated and fun to work with.  I’ve found that there is a high degree of transparency at Quadrotech, which was discussed in the hiring process. This was in my top five list for company values, and I view this as an integral attribute for high performing teams.  

From week one, I was engaged in numerous customer meetings. This accelerated any learning curves and immersed me in the business. To be able to listen to customers and to understand why they are choosing Quadrotech proved invaluable. This “live” experience was great but coupled with the vast number of videos, recorded web sessions, and other training materials; I was able to selflearn. I could start early or finish late, and the content was there ondemand.  

My experience with the technical team thus far has also been very positive. Excellent skills, diligence, and high-quality work are apparent when working with them. These characteristics act as a catalyst for delivering the intended business outcomes, which is an essential part of our sales team. 

Moving outwards to how Quadrotech adds value, let’s think about limitations within native Office 365 tools for migration, management, reporting, and governance. For example, the more Office 365 tenants that a company has to manage after an M&A, the less integrated and productive they will be. Think about this on top of the fact that M&A’s are complicated and have a high failure rate. It’s the overall feeling here that organizations deserve better. 

Combining Office 365 tenants after a merger or acquisition for better management and control, or on the management side, giving managers limited permissions to make changes without burdening the time of Global Admins is very logical. We are doing this every day, helping companies reap the benefits. This is just one way that the Quadrotech team creates positive changes for organizations across all vertical markets.  

Of course, there is much more to talk about, but I will save that for a future blog. I’m excited to work each day and look forward to learning and contributing more. Most importantly, I made the right decision to join Quadrotech.  

Could you see yourself at Quadrotech? We’re always looking for smart, motivated people to join our growing team. Check out current job listings here 

Chris Montalbano is the Director of Sales, USNE & ECAN. Prior to joining Quadrotech, Chris managed key accounts helping customers with security and analytics, and on-premise to cloud migrations. In 2011, Chris led the development of several SaaS offerings for recording and compliance, allowing customers to offload the management of on-premise hardware and software solutions. Chris holds a Master of Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Thomas Edison State University.
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