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Modernize, Grow, Optimize: How we help Enterprise customers succeed

27 Mar 2019 by Becci Velzian

Join Adam Feher, Quadrotech’s VP of Enterprise Sales, in this quick Q&A video where he discusses our broad range of services, and the successful partnerships we’ve built with large, innovative organizations helping them to achieve their business goals and maximize their Office 365 investment.

In this video, Adam provides examples of actual challenges that customers were facing with modernizing, growing and optimizing their Office 365 environments, and how our solutions and team of experts helped to streamline this process.

Quadrotech is now lightyears ahead of what it was four years ago, after investing much time and development into our legacy migration products. Subsequently, we now offer so much more value to our customers with a new, wide range of solutions to improve their Office 365 tenants.

Maximizing your Office 365 investment

We recognized that the core problem our customers were experiencing with on-premises workloads is that they are old and don’t provide the same benefits they used to. In light of moving forward, we modernize dated systems successfully and strive to become partners in the next chapters of the cloud journey with our Office 365 tools.

Today, we’re finding that organizations face new challenges. Having now established themselves in the cloud, they need to manage and secure their Office 365 environment. We help our customers to grow and adapt here by offering enhanced visibility, aiding reporting, security and management, which in turn helps to maximize their Office 365 investment.

Another challenge large enterprises are now commonly faced with are mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Many of these organizations need help migrating, consolidating and managing their data in Office 365. However, there is a multitude of intricate elements to this, and on top of that, many of our customers have specific requirements for the migration and management of this data. Our team of data migration experts has dealt with many delicate cases, providing us with a wealth of experience to tackle some of the thorniest projects. We are passionate about listening to the needs of our customers and finding solutions to overcome difficulties and to make a migration smarter and more streamlined.

Find out more about how we can help migrate workloads between Office 365 tenants in our on-demand webinar, and please contact us if you’re keen to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you optimize Office 365.