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Migrating Archives At Scale

28 Sep 2014 by Andrew Barnes

We are often asked during evaluations whether our products are truly scalable, or whether we are suitable for smaller migrations. Well the answer to both questions is an unequivocal YES.

ArchiveShuttle has been used to migrate Enterprise Vault Archives in excess of 250 TB  so our products are just as usable for a 5 TB migration. Indeed, because we allow cloud-controlled migration, where a migration server is not required on site, several of our customers are using us to migrate 2 TB archives quickly and at a realistic cost. 

When it comes to PST files customers have used PST FlightDeck to migrate PST files for 30,000 users. One customer reported that a single user had a collection of PST files that measured over 1 TB in size, and we have dealt with collections approaching 150,000 PST files.

So yes, Quadrotech solutions are scalable up to the size you need.