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Microsoft’s Office 365 Reporting Availability

5 Jul 2013 by emma.robinson

Microsoft have published a TechNet article showing the types of Office 365 reports they have available and which tenant types have access to them.
Basically, Microsoft’s Office 365 reports are only available for MidSize and Enterprise customers. Small Business and Small Business Premium customers miss out.
Luckily for them, our Office 365 reporting solution works for all tenants great and small. In fact, Cogmotive Reports is free for tenants with 25 mailboxes or less.
Interestingly, the table in the TechNet article states that the Office 365 Reporting Web Service is not available for Small Business customers. In our experience you are able to access this reporting service on P1 tenants that have been upgraded from Wave 14 – is Small Business subject to different rules? We’ll post back here when we’ve done a little more testing.
The Microsoft TechNet article shows in more detail what is available for each type of tenant.