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Microsoft Teams tips to rapidly enable home working

Mar 19, 2020 by Paul Robichaux

Paul Robichaux hosting his working from home webinar.

Watch the on-demand webinar:
How To Rapidly Enable Home Working: 5 Practical Tips For Maximizing Microsoft Teams

Take a look at any news outlet or on any social media platform and it’s inevitable you’ll see stories of people working from home unexpectedly. With the Coronavirus forcing many organizations to quickly move their workforce to work from home, huge numbers of people are now calling their spare room, dining table or sofa, the office.

Although I’m a huge advocate of remote working in general – much of the Quadrotech family work from home by default – it requires in-depth planning when an organization wants to ensure their workforce has the ability to work remotely effectively and without issue.

Clearly this isn’t something the majority of organizations have been able to give any real time to. The Coronavirus may be able to date back to late 2019, but it’s only in recent weeks – days for some – where there’s been a need to completely switch approaches to work.

As a result, I’m seeing many organizations having to quickly introduce remote working tools, policies, and habits almost while they’re being practiced, and over the last few days, I’ve seen there be a particular shift towards making greater use of Microsoft Teams, which has experienced 12 million new users in the past week.

This rapid adoption makes you wonder if best practices regarding Microsoft Teams security have been followed during implementation.

Maximizing Microsoft Teams

A superb application that can genuinely enable first-class collaboration amongst a remote team, using it effectively – and managing its use – is something that just doesn’t happen by accident. The good news is, you can help make it happen.

I recently recorded an on-demand webinar to offer some practical tips to maximizing Microsoft Teams for organizations rapidly adopting Office 365, in which I discussed:

  • How to facilitate collaboration between teams that are widely dispersed
  • Getting to grips with feature parity between Teams clients on different devices
  • Supporting people onto the first rung of the Teams ladder (then helping them climb – quickly)

Covering numerous other points to help your organization adopt and utilize Microsoft Teams effectively right now, we also included time for a live Q&A to answer many questions.

With the session recorded in full, please view it here – and share the link with any of your colleagues, friends or peers who you feel would benefit.

Microsoft Teams adoption and management

With the webinar set to offer support for both end-users and administrators alike, we know the importance of ensuring full adoption of Microsoft Teams, as well as managing it effectively.

We’ve created resources on both these topics that you may find useful right now:

You may also find the webinar I hosted a couple of months ago useful. It’s available on-demand to watch in full.

And we have a number of blog posts talking about Microsoft Teams adoption and usage, with the below a couple of highlights:

I appreciate this is a complex time for many organizations, so if you have any questions at all around adopting and maximizing Microsoft Teams, please do reach out, and don’t forget to watch the webinar.