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Microsoft Ignite 2019: MVP Paul Robichaux’s Tips & Speaker Session

31 Oct 2019 by Paul Robichaux

Microsoft Ignite 2019 is just days away at the time of writing this article, and to say we’re excited, is an understatement.

In this short video, Quadrotech CTO and Microsoft MVP Paul Robichaux introduces us to his cat, Pancake, gives us some “insider info” on the event, and provides his personal tips for navigating Microsoft Ignite 2019 like a pro.

Paul Robichaux’s Top Tips for Ignite

Safe to say, without a doubt that Paul is an Ignite expert – he’s been going since its very inception, as well as the Microsoft conferences that came before it. So, yes, he’s been around a while. Paul enjoys connecting with his colleagues and fellow MVPs he’s met over the years, talking to Office 365 users, and mingling with folks from Microsoft. Here are some of his battlefield tips from the frontline:

  1. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Function over fashion is the name of the game here. The Orange County Convention Center is a sprawling 7 million square feet – that’s larger than The Pentagon – with over 2 million square feet making up the exhibition halls alone. And if you decide to venture out to CityWalk for the Attendee Celebration at Universal on Thursday – you’ll see why they put the “Walk” in CityWalk.
  2. Pack Snacks. We all know conference food isn’t the greatest, and plus you may not even have time to grab something amidst all the sessions, activities, and meetings. Keep some protein bars or trail mix in your bag – you’ll thank yourself (and Paul) later. Depending on where you’re staying and what kind of transportation you have, it may be inconvenient to find a convenience store, so best to pack some in your suitcase.
  3. Come Prepared. Either bring your own notepad or snag one of the free ones being given out. You will be barraged with info for days, and don’t count on yourself to retain and remember it all later. Oh, and make sure you have a pen, too – multiple pens – and maybe a notebook with one of those little pen holders if you’re fancy.

Trust Paul when he says you’re going to learn a lot, meet loads of interesting people, hear some exciting and surprising news from Microsoft, and glean valuable information from his speaker session on why email is the easiest component to Tenant to Tenant migration.

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Join Paul’s Ignite session on Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

In Paul’s session ‘Email is the Easy Part: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Tenant to Tenant Migrations’ he covers the five most common pitfalls you’re likely to encounter in merger, acquisition, or divestiture-driven Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations; touches on Microsoft’s announced plans for supporting T2T, and digs into practical steps you can take to prepare yourself for a smooth and orderly migration.

Session info: Thursday, November 7 | 12:05 pm – 12:25 pm; Hub Theater D; Session Code: THR2217

Learn more and add it to your schedule

What else can you expect from Paul (and Quadrotech) at Ignite?

“But wait, there’s more!”

You’ll also get a chance to see a demo of Nova, our new SaaS management platform for Office 365. Download this Independent Technical Review written by Microsoft MVP Dominik Hoefling before the show to get a full walk-through of Nova’s Delegation and Policy control functionality, and get a flavor of what this platform of integrated services for Office 365 management has to offer.

So, make sure you stop by booth #841! We’ll have our famous stress bulls and tech prizes up for grabs, you can snag one of the t-shirts everyone will be talking about, be one of the first to see a Nova demo. And ask Paul why he didn’t bring Pancake.

If you’re interested in setting up a meeting at Ignite, please contact our team!