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Microsoft Announces Cross-Tenant MRS Support!

Oct 3, 2017 by Mike Weaver

At the Ignite Conference on Thursday, Microsoft announced that they will support cross-tenant mailbox moves using the Mailbox Replication Service (MRS).

As an Exchange Engineer that lives in the M&A space, I am happy to see this development.  For years, we have been waiting for Microsoft to deliver this functionality.  In the interim, many organizations involved in merger and acquisition scenarios have been forced to bring mailboxes back on-premises before they can move the mailboxes to another tenant in Exchange Online.

At Ignite Quadrotech announced our own Office 365 tenant to tenant migration solution. We do not use MRS. Instead, we rely on our AIP protocol to speed migration and deliver comprehensive logging and error-checking to allow organizations to move mailboxes with confidence.  The Quadrotech solution moves email from tenant to tenant and then makes sure that end users can log into their mailboxes with automatic reconfiguration of Outlook profiles. As soon as Microsoft releases the ability to move mailboxes cross-tenant with MRS, Quadrotech will expand its solution to accommodate MRS moves.

For years, Quadrotech has supported Cross-Tenant Moves using MRS for on-premises migrations.  We add extensive automation around MRS including our customer script engine and integration into our other products like Archive Shuttle and PST Flight Deck.  When you include our data analytics and a range of upcoming enhancements, Quadrotech Radar will enable organizations to move mailboxes in a truly “smart” manner.

Being able to move mailboxes between tenants addresses only one small part of tenant to tenant migration. Even simple email issues like one SMTP domain per tenant are not solved by moving mailboxes. The Quadrotech Radar solution is more mature and more functional. Contact us today to learn more.

Stay tuned for a blog post describing the exciting enhancements we are working on and learn how Quadrotech can orchestrate a total tenant to tenant migration.