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Radar Reporting: New Mailboxes Report

12 Oct 2017 by Doug Davis

During a mailbox migration it can be difficult to get a good understanding of where your user’s mailboxes are, and the progress of your project.Our new Mailboxes report in Radar for Office 365 can help you get a handle on which mailboxes are where. The report shows you all the mailboxes within your organization, and can be filtered and customized to include a range of useful details. This means that you can get a comprehensive, high-level overview, as well as more granular insights when you need them – so you can track your progress, and identify any issues along the way.The Mailboxes report is in table form. It is a complete listing of all the mailboxes, and shows if they are on-premises or in the cloud. The default view displays: Display Name, User Principal Name, Primary Email Address, and Mailbox Location, but there is a wide range of additional information that can be added, including (but not limited to):

  • Mailbox Server Name
  • Mailbox Server Database
  • Exchange Server Version
  • Mailbox Inactive Days

Before you can use the Mailboxes Report to see on-premises information, you have to deploy the on-premises agent, this blog post explains the process.

As with all the reports, this information can be customized, filtered, exported and scheduled.

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