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Mailbox Sizes – Office 365 Reports

9 Feb 2013 by emma.robinson

Cogmotive Reports provides many different types of Office 365 Mailbox Size Reports

Mailbox Sizes

Our Mailbox Size report provides a graphical overview of how big your Office 365 Mailboxes are. This information is based on the last data collection we have done for your Office 365 tenant. The graph will show only the 20 largest mailboxes in your environment where as the table under the graph will show them all. This report will show all types of mailboxes including User Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes and Shared Mailboxes.

Mailbox Size Report

Mailbox Size Report

You can see also see each Mailbox’s Quota settings by clicking the toggles at the bottom of the graph as illustrated here.
Mailbox Size Showing Quota

Mailbox Size Showing Quota

As usual, you can use the Filters section to display only a certain subset of Office 365 Mailbox sizes. In this example, we are returning the Mailbox Sizes of all User Mailboxes only.
Mailbox Size with Filters

Mailbox Size with Filters

The search box on top of the data table allows you to return a very specific set of data. Type part of a users Display Name or UserPrincipalName into the Search Box and you will be able to see the mailbox size for just that user. You can also re-order the columns by clicking a column header.
Searching Mailbox Sizes

Searching Mailbox Sizes

Exporting the Report Data

This report offers the ability to Export the data to CSV or PDF format. Please see our blog post for more information on Exporting Data from Cogmotive Reports.

Mailbox Sizes over Time

The Office 365 Mailbox Size over Time report shows mailbox grown over a period of time. This report is designed to help Email Administrators manage usage trends and plan for the future. Most of the features from the Mailbox Sizes report also exist in this report.

Office 365 Mailbox Size over Time

Mailbox Size over Time Report

Mailbox Items over Time

The Office 365 Mailbox Items over Time report is exactly the same as the Mailbox Sizes over Time above, but it measures the number of individual Mailbox Items rather than their sizes.
Do you have any suggestions on how to improve these reports? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.