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Product Announcement: Mailbox Shuttle 2.0

Apr 3, 2020 by Mike Weaver

Mailbox Shuttle is Quadrotech’s advanced automation and workflow tool for migrating Exchange Mailboxes and Exchange Archives efficiently to Office 365.

We use it in large migration projects to automate mailbox moves using the Microsoft MRS service alongside our other solutions. This is normally used for Office 365 migration projects.  This can be to support a migration into Office 365 or certain merger, acquisition and divestiture scenarios.

This automation is designed to tie into archive migrations, like Veritas Enterprise Vault migrations, and PST migrations. This automation also includes custom scripts to add control of Mobile Device Management or even just simple things like changes to user accounts in Active Directory to support the migration.

This allows organizations to submit a user list and everything is put into motion. This is paired with our expert Managed Operations team offering a fixed price and outcome approach to your project to keep both the project on track and costs in check.

Data Consistency Scoring

In our 2.0 release, we have used the new Data Consistency Scoring which I’ve gone into technical detail about in my article on Practical 365. This will allow us to focus with clients on actual problematic issues rather than those which can be avoided. In the article, I take a deep dive into the issues with ‘bad items’ being treated the same as others.

This new scoring allows having a more granulated focus on data corruption and other problems in a migration project, as opposed to known-about migration issues that you had with the previous method. Also, we’re able to use the score for our own reporting of the project, which is an additional helpful benefit.

The release also contains many other advancements in operational improvements which will aid the smooth delivery of the migration, troubleshooting issues and more.

If your organization is looking to move mailboxes and email archives, please check out our extensive Office 365 migration services and contact us for a ‘fixed price, fixed outcome’ quote.

Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver is the Product Owner of Cloud Commander, PST Flight Deck and Mailbox Shuttle. Bringing a wealth of experience in large Enterprise Environments, Mike assists with complex, multi-product implementations of all Quadrotech solutions. Prior to joining Quadrotech, Mike led Merger, Acquisition, and Divesture Messaging Projects. He also administered, and engineered solutions for Microsoft Exchange, Veritas Enterprise Vault, PST Flight Deck, Archive Shuttle, as well as many other solutions and products in the Windows Infrastructure space. Mike holds a Master of Business Administration from Quinnipiac University, and a Bachelor of Science from Central Connecticut State University.