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Mailbox Connections by Client Type – Office 365 Reports

Jul 8, 2013 by Emma Robinson

Our Office 365 reporting software now provides a report showing you exactly how your users are connecting to their Office 365 mailboxes.

The Connection by Client Type Overview report shows you a daily total of the number of each of the following connection types made to Office 365:

  • Outlook Web Access/Web Mail (OWA)
  • Outlook Desktop Application (MAPI)
  • Exchange Active Sync (EAS) – Mobile Devices
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • POP3
  • MAPI

The report is designed to give you a high level understanding of the types of Email clients your employees are using to read their email.


Client Connection Types - Summary Report

Client Connection Types – Summary Report

When you first open the report you will be presented with the summary pie chart shown above.

This shows a breakdown of all the client connections made to your Office 365 mailboxes during the time period you have specified.

You can use the Chart selection buttons below the graph to get a more detailed day by day breakdown in either Column or Line format.


Detailed Column Graph

Detailed Column Graph


Detailed Line Trending Graph

Detailed Line Trending Graph


All our reports, including this one, can be scheduled for automatic delivery or downloaded in CSV or PDF format.