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Mailbox Auditing Settings Report

8 Sep 2015 by Ian Byrne

Office 365 Mailbox Auditing allows administrators and compliance officers to see what actions have been performed on a mailbox and who by. Unfortunately, if Auditing is not enabled for a particular mailbox, you will not be able to see this information. If the step to configure auditing is overlooked when a mailbox is created, this fact will mostly not be noticed until a security officer attempts to respond to an incident – and by that time it is too late.
Cogmotive have just released the new Mailbox Auditing report, which allows you to quickly identify which mailboxes have auditing enabled and easily determine if the auditing settings have been appropriately configured.
Like all our reports, this can be filtered and customised with additional columns to allow you to pinpoint auditing settings for a particular department, region or group of users. This is especially useful in large organisations that have different auditing requirements for different groups of employees.
This type of information is commonly requested during 3rd party audits or compliance reviews. Using Cogmotive Office 365 Reports you can easily send the information in a clear and concise way to any person using our email or schedule feature – gone are the days of manually running cumbersome PowerShell scripts to satisfy audit requirements!
The Mailbox Auditing report is automatically available to all existing Cogmotive Office 365 Reports customers. Do you feel it may be useful for reporting within your own Office 365 environment? Sign up for a free trial today!