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Mailbox Shuttle

Jun 27, 2014 by Emma Robinson

The advantages of Exchange 2013 or Office 365 are well understood. However, for all but the smallest of organizations the journey to reap the benefits can be complex and risky.

Mailbox Shuttle is an enterprise-class Office 365 email migration tool. Working within the Quadrotech Framework it provides an easy to use, simplified tool that is designed for scalability and minimum disruption.

Projects run using MailboxShuttle require minimum administrator intervention, and where attention is required the user interface is consistently easy to use. Where email compliance is a factor the process provides a full audit trail.

MailboxShuttle is the key to successful email migration to Microsoft Exchange 2013 or Office 365 with projects that are delivered on time and to budget.

But migrating the mailbox is not the only requirement. Working as part of the wider Quadrotech Migration Suite, which includes email archive and PST migration, full end-to-end migration of users through a single suite is now possible.


The key benefit areas of MailboxShuttle include:


Successful migration projects are well-planned from the start.

MailboxShuttle analyzes extensive information on mailbox sizes, active directory configurations and sites. It validates mailbox sizes with a pre-flight check, automatically accounting for Exchange or Office 365 restrictions, depending on the migration target.

Based on previous migrations MailboxShuttle provides accurate forecasts of completion times.

Where users have delegated access (e.g a personal assistant to a manager) Mailbox Shuttle will resolve dependencies based on permissions.


Users can be migrated to Exchange 2013, Office 365 or a combination of the two. The migration can be within the same organization or across AD forests using Quadrotech’s Sync’n’Switch aproach.

Working in conjunction with the wider Quadrotech Migration Suite MailboxShuttle forms part of a single solution for PST file and email archive migration.

Public folders can be migrated with MailboxShuttle advising the best practice for the switchover to public folder mailboxes


When it comes to the migration process it is important to make the most of available resources, but not disrupt users or daily operations.

MailboxShuttle is highly flexible when scheduling migrations. The dashboard allows the definition of white and black periods for the migration process. These can take into account the mailboxes migrations completed each day, together with planned migrations for the following day allowing daily tasks to be defined.

Where users are distributed across locations time-zones will adjust automatically as required.

Monitoring and Reporting

The central dashboard provides a continuous view of the migration from start to finish. It will alert administrators when exceptions occur. Pre-canned and customized migrations provide for all eventualities, with automated progress reporting by email part of the feature set. The user interface is intuitive with a commonality across the migration suite.


MailboxShuttle is scalable allowing the largest Exchange infrastructures to be migrated successfully. The process is optimized to manage multiple thousands of users with the planning and scheduling tools ensuring the best use of resources.


Roles and policies can be defined to control administrator access and execution of migration activities.

A full audit trail is maintained and compliance best practice is followed.