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Lync Online Usage Reports

7 Jun 2013 by emma.robinson

Cogmotive Reports now includes a range of Lync Online usage reports for Office 365 which give you an understanding of how your employees are using Lync Online allowing you to measure your return on investment.
We currently have three types of Lync Online reports available. Feel free to play with them in our Live Demo.

Lync Users Logged On per Day

This report shows you how many people have logged in to Lync on any given day. This is designed to give you an overview of how many people are using Lync on a day to day basis to quickly understand if the Lync Llcences you are paying for are actually being used.
Lync Users Logged On per Day

Lync Peer-to-Peer Sessions

A Peer-to-Peer session refers to Lync communication between two people. This can be anything from an Instant Message, audio conversation, application sharing or video chat. This Lync Peer-to-Peer sessions report shows how many of each type of session were performed each day. Each column represents a different type of Lync session where as the Line graph shows how many Lync Online users were active that particular day. This can help you see the correlation between the number of employees using Lync and the types of communication they are using.
Lync Peer-to-Peer sessions

Lync Conferences

A conference refers to Lync communication between more than two people, or what is commonly known as an Online Meeting. The following report is very similar to the Peer to Peer report, but specifically applies to multi-person online meetings.
Lync Conferences
As with all our reports, these can be customised, saved and automatically emailed out on a scheduled basis.
These reports are available to our customers who are using the new version of Office 365 (Wave 15).