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Lync Online Reports in Office 365

3 Jun 2013 by emma.robinson

Microsoft Office 365 now comes with a range of reporting options, although they do seem to be quite limited in what information they provide.
Our own Lync Online reports show you even more information and offer a range of other additional features.
A couple of weeks ago we noticed four new Lync Online reports appear in the reporting dashboard and naturally we wanted to look into them further. This is in addition to the Get-CSActiveUserReport cmdlet that we discovered a few weeks ago.
It is worth noting that these reports are only available in the new version of Office 365 (Wave 15).

IM and audio sessions

This graph shows the total number of Instant Messaging chat sessions and audio sessions.

Number of IM & Audio Sessions

Number of IM & Audio Sessions

You can also get this data using PowerShell:

PS C:\Users\burns_000\Desktop> Get-CsP2PSessionReport | fl
RunspaceId : 37e2d5aa-0092-4578-b823-ab92289bac1b
ID : 24270
Date : 30/05/2013 00:00:00
TenantGuid : 25028a26-xxx-xxxx-a12f-424e8fxxxx4a
TenantName : Cogmotive
TotalP2PSessions : 11
P2PIMSessions : 5
P2PAudioSessions : 3
P2PVideoSessions : 1
P2PApplicationSharingSessions : 1
P2PFileTransferSessions : 3
RunspaceId : 37e2d5aa-0092-4578-b823-ab92289bac1b
ID : 23357
Date : 07/05/2013 00:00:00
TenantGuid : 25028a26-xxx-xxxx-a12f-424e8fxxxx4a
TenantName :
TotalP2PSessions : 1
P2PIMSessions : 1
P2PAudioSessions : 0
P2PVideoSessions : 0
P2PApplicationSharingSessions : 0
P2PFileTransferSessions : 0
PS C:\Users\burns_000\Desktop>

Video, application sharing, and file transfer sessions

Again, pretty self explanatory. This graph shoes the number of video and application sharing sessions as well as the number of file transfers.

Video, App Share & File Transfer Sessions

Video, App Share & File Transfer Sessions

Application sharing, web, and dial-in conferences

This graph shows the number of web and dial-in conferences, or what we call Online Meetings.

IM and audio/video conferences

This graph shows the number of Instant Messaging conferences with multiple parties, again what we call Online Meetings.
You can use the Get-CsAVConferenceTimeReport cmdlet to get this information out with PowerShell.
These reports do an adequate job of showing you if your employees are actually using the Lync Online Licences that you are paying for. Unfortunately, they don’t tell you anything in granular detail such as who is using the service. This is something we hope to tackle in our own office 365 reporting application.
Before we sign off, we also came across another Lync Online PowerShell cmdlet that shows you how many minutes of Audio/Video were used each day. There doesn’t seem to be a report available for this in Office 365 just yet but I am sure it is on the horizon.

PS C:\Users\burns_000\Desktop> Get-CsP2PAVTimeReport
TenantName Date TotalAudioMinutes TotalVideoMinutes
---------- ---- ----------------- -----------------
Cogmotive 30/05/2013 00:00:00 5 0