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Logging and Audit

12 Sep 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Logging and Auditing

It is essential that any archive migration maintains a full audit trail and log of activities. Preserving the chain of custody in compliant environments requires documentation steps in each step of the process. But this isn’t just about passive reporting, it requires an active approach.

EVStorageMigrator delivers a robust auditing engine which logs each step in the migration workflow while validating that the data has not been corrupted or tampered with in any way during the migration.

The migration of each item is recorded in EVStorageMigrator’s database with several metadata properties, like its unique ID in the source, the item date, the retention category, etc.

Each successful step in the migration workflow of this item will be recorded in the audit log, together with a timestamp for the completion of that step. Then as each item is extracted from the source system a cryptographic hash will be computed and stored in the database as the fingerprint of the item.

Before the item is ingested into the target system, the hash is recalculated to make sure that not one bit has changed during the migration. If a discrepancy occurs, the ingestion will be aborted and the item will be re-exported from the source.

This approach ensures that a full compliance trail is recorded and any issues that arise are dealt with when they occur.