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Live recording – Email is the easy part: Five pitfalls to avoid in tenant-to-tenant migrations

Dec 3, 2019 by Emma Robinson

Show of hands – who was at Ignite 2019?

This year Paul Robichaux’s Theatre Session: Email is the easy part: Five pitfalls to avoid in tenant-to-tenant migrations​” was standing room only before it even began. The fact that there wasn’t an empty seat was pleasantly surprising for a couple of the usual reasons, session conflicts, food – it was a lunchtime slot, therapy dogs, and ‘Let’s try and win something in the expo hall’.

But for the most part, our surprise wasn’t with the turnout at all. It was with the dozens of hands that shot up during the session when Paul asked the audience directly about their experiences with this challenge, here’s a teaser:

“How many of you are currently doing a tenant to tenant migration?”

(lots of hands)


“How many of you have already done one?”

(slightly fewer hands)


“How many of you would rather be on the beach right now?”

(all the hands)

“Yeah. That’s what I figured”

Tenant to tenant migrations are only going to become more and more prevalent in a cloud-first world. They’re a complex technical challenge, fuelled by critical business needs, to buy, to sell, to grow, and tethered to the human issues and uncertainties which underpin these events. They’re not one and done either, a lot of people put their hand up to show that they had already gone through multiple tenant migrations.

How many of you are currently doing a tenant to tenant migration?

It’s not too late to get Paul’s practical advice on areas like planning, clean up, communication, and execution. For those of you who were at Ignite but otherwise engaged, and the people who didn’t make it to the conference this year (maybe you were on a beach somewhere), here’s the live recording of Paul’s session.

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