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List all Mobile Devices connected using ActiveSync on Office 365

2 Jul 2012 by Emma Robinson

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Here’s a quick post showing you how to get a list of all the mobile devices that are connected to your Office 365 tenant. We provide similar reports to these within our Office 365 Reporting product.
Firstly, connect to Office 365 using Powershell.
Then run the following command:

Unfortunately this isn’t very useful as it doesn’t tell you who owns each device. For that we need to create a Powershell script.

This will show you the most common properties for each device as well as who owns it. This script is adapted from one over at TechNet, so credits go to Jan Egil Ring for doing most of the hard work.
As a bonus, you can comment out a line near the end and have the results saved to a text file.
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