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List all Mailboxes that a user has access to

Oct 23, 2015 by Emma Robinson

We have recently updated the User Details page in Quadrotech’s Office 365 Reporting tool in response to a feature request from one of our valued customers to show more information around Mailbox Permissions.

This update allows help desk staff and IT administrators to quickly identify who has access to this person’s mailbox and at the same time see whose mailboxes this person can access.

This is perfect for auditing the mailbox permissions of Executive and Personal Assistants to ensure that they have access only to the mailboxes they should.

To get started, let’s type the name of one of these Executive Assistants into the User Search box above the navigation menu and click on their name.

Search for a user
This will bring you to the User Details page which shows you a lot of information about that person’s user account and all the Office 365 services that they have access to.

If you scroll down on that page to the Mailbox Permissions section you will see a list of all the users who can access this user’s mailbox at the top of this section. Underneath you will see a list of all the mailboxes that this user can access.

Mailbox Permissions in Cogmotive
If you would like an exportable list of this you can use the Mailbox Security report to export the same data.

Export Report