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Life of a CET Ninja

24 Apr 2018 by Peter Pindjak

Given the name of this blog, it may be hard to believe that I’m describing the working day of an IT professional. Well it is! Welcome to our world.

We are different, we are passionate, and we are proud about it. We are CET: The Customer Experience Team at Quadrotech, more commonly (and affectionately) known as the ‘CET Ninjas’. Why are we called Ninjas?

It’s simple. We are warriors put into battle every day. We prepare, we train, we create and polish our own ‘weapons’, we motivate each other, we work as a team and of course we fight. We fight every single day. But not on a typical battlefield. Our battlefield is a digital landscape, and it’s never the same one day to another. Our enemies are issues and bugs emerging from every angle. Sometimes they might seem evasive, maybe even unbeatable, but we haven’t lost a fight yet.

Many of you will be familiar with Murphy’s law:

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

Whether at work or home, we all use a variety of products, services, and systems every day. When it works, and we get what we pay for, everyone is happy. Issues arise when it doesn’t work. Sometimes, no matter how advanced the technology is, how refined the systems and processes are, something small can cause an issue, and in our industry, if this isn’t acted upon quickly – there can be a large knock-on effect.

And that’s why the world needs people like us, ready and waiting, to find the cause of the problem, and correct what is wrong.

We are not called ‘Support’ because we do much more than that. We are exceptional at what we do. We can comprehend problems very quickly. We solve issues on the fly. We can communicate in different languages (mostly English). We help our customers quickly, because we know that issues cause delays, and those delays disturb business. We can also predict future problems.

How can we do all this?

We are well trained. We are prepared. We know that problems will arise, and we are expecting them.

So, what does a typical day look like for a Ninja? I’ll tell you.

Every morning we have a tactical meeting. We discuss what we’re working on and what issues have occurred during the past few days. If someone needs help or wants to ask about anything, here is the place to do it. We will obtain a whole plan and our tasks for the day, then we go and prepare. Next, we start fighting the first battles (but not before our morning tea or coffee!). When a ninja needs help from a fellow ninja, they will get it. We value team success over personal glory!

When we have finished fighting for the day, we still need to do one last task. We must prepare for next day, for the next battle. We must repair our shields, we must sharpen our blades, we must forge new weapons for days to come. And after such a long day we might feel tired, but we certainly feel alive.

We see that our effort has meaning, and that we make a difference. And with that feeling we leave battle ground for the day, to rest – ready to fight another day.

Peter Pindjak is a CET Ninja at Quadrotech. In his spare time he likes to ski, practice Aikido, dance, bike, hike, watch good movies, and read interesting books.