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Let’s talk about our people!

13 Nov 2018 by Andrea D'Ambrosio

I get to talk about Quadrotech and its awesome people at every networking event, to my friends, past colleagues and my family. In fact, this is such a quirky company that I catch myself talking about it a lot. People are always fascinated by the way we do things and most importantly about our unique culture.

Our CEO loves numbers and facts, so let me start by sharing some with you! Today we are 130 employees, 16 nationalities, located in 7 countries – 69% of them working from one of our 6 offices and the rest working remotely. Despite the numbers, the cultural differences, the distance, and the time zones, we don’t just work as one team, we do it well.

Our culture is inevitably changing as we continue to grow; however, we still retain that start-up mentality, we’re able to move fast, it feels like a small company, the work environment is informal (I quickly got used to the idea that it is ok to go to a leadership meeting in trainers), the communication style is direct and honest, people are not afraid to share new ideas, ask questions and demand explanation. People have a great sense of humour, although we should probably get a cross-cultural humour guide and an internal acronym glossary!

Let's talk about our people mug

The way people work is smart and efficient, there is a lot of trust and flexibility how we do things. One of our key mantras is ‘Don’t forget to live’, and we know how important it is to switch off from work from time to time!

But don’t just take it from me, why not see this passion in action. Want to see what our Managers think of their Teams? Here are some videos from our Senior Vice President of Customer Success, Tony Sterling; our Chief Technology Officer, Paul Robichaux; and our CEO himself, Thomas Madsen.

Sound like a team you would like to be part of? Check out our careers page for exciting opportunities.