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Knowledge is power: Creating an organizational culture that values knowledge sharing

Jun 5, 2020 by Tiffany Bailey

A training manager creating knowledge documentation.

You might be surprised to learn Quadrotech cares (a lot!) about the information we make available to our customers and partners.

Written training was always a priority at Quadrotech. In fact, our Customer Experience Team has been sharing tips, specifications, troubleshooting instructions, and more since Quadrotech’s inception in 2011. Furthering our commitment to training and education, a training team was established in 2018.

This article is the first in a series highlighting Quadrotech training resources and processes that are available to you. In this post, you’ll learn the process we use to get important information out of our experts’ brains and into our users’ hands. Keep reading to learn more.

What does the training team DO?

I joined Quadrotech in early 2018 as a technical writer. I’ll never forget the job description Quadrotech used to advertise my role. They said they were looking for a confident generalist. “What does that even mean?!” I wondered. I dug into the term and found it to be like a “Jack of all trades”. Someone who doesn’t specialize in one area but can do many things well.

It’s a perfect description for the members of our training team. We’re great at filling any gaps the organization might have and moving projects forward. In any given week, you could find us editing JSON files for development, creating content for marketing, or proofing emails for delivery. We’ll do whatever we can to help whoever needs an extra hand.

When we’re not serving other teams within the organization, you’ll find us scouring for information we can relay to our customers and partners.

Our motto: Gather. Organize. Simplify. Explain.

In early 2019, our team adopted the motto, “Gather. Organize. Simplify. Explain.” It’s an accurate summary of what we do. We work tirelessly to break down information silos and broadcast lesser-known information to those impacted by it.

For example, we believe a Nova developer shouldn’t be the only one who knows a certain workflow or workaround. We don’t want important details to be locked in our specialists’ brains. Our team works to find/gather those details, and then we make them consumable and available to users.

In our experience, we find information is usually stuck in a Subject Matter Expert’s head (and not documented) because they don’t have time to figure out how to organize the information into something that others can use. But, remember, our team fills gaps. We fill in this one, too. We take the messy thoughts from the developer, product owner, or other Subject Matter Expert – usually in the form of rough notes or a quick screen share.

We organize the information. We simplify it. We do research and make sure we have a thorough explanation. Then, we get the information into the hands of others who can benefit from it.

Gather information. Organize it into something pretty and understandable. Simplify the technical jargon. Explain it in a way non-technical people can understand. That’s our process and it works. After all, it doesn’t matter how much our technical experts know about our solutions if we don’t have a good way to share that information with customers who need it.

Curious where we share this expertise? Check out our knowledge repositories:

Stay tuned

There you have it. Now you know the top-secret process of how to look like a know-it-all in your organization (or just how to effectively share information). In future posts, we’ll dive deeper into our processes and specific resources that are available to Quadrotech customers and partners. Stay tuned.

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