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Keep up to date with our new Message Center

15 Feb 2016 by Emma Robinson

We at Cogmotive are delighted to announce the launch of our new Message Center, a new in-app feature to keep our users informed about their account, and up to date on new product information. Existing customers can access the Message Center using the message link in the top right-hand corner of the application when they log in. You will also see a notification icon when there’s a new message waiting. Log in to your account now to take a look!
Message Center U
The Message Center is a quick and simple way for customers to receive important news or updates, and we’ll also use it to send account notifications. On certain messages, you will be able to reply directly, and send us any questions or feedback via the Message Center.
If there is specific information that you would like to receive through the Message Center, please let us know.
Keep an eye on your messages, we’ll be in touch!
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