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Item Level Deduplication

4 Aug 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Item Level De-duplication

The nature of PST files means that users create many of them as backups, and even forget that they have created them. The result is that items can exist in multiple PST files. If PST files were migrated “as is” to an email archive system, or to Exchange or Office 365.

While the single-instancing functionality of the underlying platform might limit the consumption of excess storage by duplicates the ingestion process itself would still require each duplicate to be processed into the target platform.

More importantly users would be confused to see many copies of the same item. Alienating users after a PST migration is not good and excess calls to the help-desk would ensue.

PST FlightDeck avoids all these issues by automatically de-duplicating all the PST files to ensure that backup and duplicate content does not end up in the target system.