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iOS SSL Vulnerability Report

28 Feb 2014 by emma.robinson

An SSL bug was recently discovered in all versions of iOS running on all Apple hardware.
Apple have since released a patch to resolve this issue and it is important to update all your company’s Apple devices with the latest firmware.
Many of our Office 365 Reporting customers have turned to our Mobile Device reports to identify who has un-patched devices so they can be proactively contacted.
To help our customers with this exercise we have created a Saved Report in each customers account which pre-adds the filters required to identify these devices.
When you next log in to Cogmotive Reports and click the Saved Reports link, you will see the new report added. If you do not want this report you can easily click the X button to delete it from your tenant.

IOS SSL Vulnerability Report

IOS SSL Vulnerability Report

This report checks for iOS Devices that do not have OS Version 7.0.6 or 6.1.6 installed on them and lists them in the data table.
iOS Vulnerability Report Filters

iOS Vulnerability Report Filters

We recommend that you schedule this report to be emailed out on a daily basis so you can see how much progress has been made to patch the vulnerable devices.
If you’d like to use our reports to track your fleet of Mobile Devices, why not sign up for a free trial!