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Introducing the New Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports

7 Oct 2015 by Emma Robinson

We at Cogmotive are pleased to announce the launch of our new SharePoint Online Reports web application providing detailed security, usage and settings information for SharePoint Online!
A year ago we released our first set of SharePoint reports which included the SharePoint Explorer, Top Sites by Size, Permissions and Inactive Objects reports. These provided very useful information to our customers and the feedback was great, but above all we were told that they wanted more – more statistics on storage, permissions and settings in particular.
As many SharePoint Online admins have told us, the current Microsoft Office 365 interface does not allow easy access to statistics on permissions, settings and storage. The information is there, but it is time consuming and cumbersome to access, which creates security risks because important permissions and configuration information is difficult to monitor and vulnerabilities can be easily overlooked.
Our new SharePoint Online Reports web application makes all of the information you need to administer SharePoint Online available at a click, including:

  • Quick and easy access to permissions at each level of your SharePoint environment. Security vulnerabilities can be identified and corrected quickly. Admins can see who has permissions to sensitive documents and information at the click of button so they can ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, and nothing more.


  • Simple visibility of where storage is, and isn’t, being consumed. As storage is charged by the gigabyte it is crucial that you have a full view of where quota is being consumed. Our new tool provides this visibility as well as helping to identify potentially stale content so you can free up storage space and avoid runaway costs.


  • Auditing capabilities so that you can validate configuration for each of your site collections in your environment by showing how versioning, auditing and sharing settings are configured.

The new SharePoint Online Reports application is subscription based, this is available either stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with Cogmotive’s flagship Office 365 Reports so you can access all your reporting data in one place.
A subscription includes all of Cogmotive’s classic features such as the powerful custom report builder and collaboration functionality allowing you to export, email, schedule and share all of our reports instantly.
You can sign up for a free trial with SharePoint Online Reports right now to see how it can help make your job easier by giving you all the information you need in one place. If you would like more information about Cogmotive SharePoint Online Reports contact