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Introducing On-Premises Reports for Radar Reporting

29 Sep 2017 by Doug Davis

In most cases, the journey into Office 365 starts with a move away from On-Premises Exchange. As such, we know that a lot of our customers are still completing their Office 365 migration, and have lots of On-Premises email they need to track. Alternatively, these companies might be keeping some mailboxes on-premises post-migration for any number of reasons, and still need to keep an eye on them.

With this customer need in mind, we have now introduced on-premises reporting for hybrid environments which have some combination of Office 365 and on-premises mailboxes. With this new capability, data collected from on-premises mailboxes will be woven into the existing reports on Office 365.

It’s simple to set up. Once you have your Office 365 tenant signed up to Radar Reporting, you now have the option to deploy an agent to your on-premises environment which will start to collect exchange mailbox data and add it into the Radar Reporting database. This feature isn’t automatically available but is in limited release. If you would like to add on-premises reporting to your subscription please contact Quadrotech.


Once on-premises reporting has been deployed, and the data collection has been run you can see both focused on-premises reports, and reports that mix both Office 365 and on-premises data.

Data collected includes mailbox size, the number of items, permission information and other mailbox configuration settings. In addition, some core naming AD Attributes for the mailbox, and a large number of Exchange specific attributes are also collected or calculated.

This data can then be seen in a number of reports including Mailboxes, Mailbox Sizes, Inactive Exchange Users and in the Custom Report. As an added bonus, we are also releasing a new Mailboxes Report which is a good overview report to see what is in the cloud, and what is on-premises.

Are you running a hybrid environment? Contact us to get up and running with on-premises reports!

If you’re new to Radar Reporting, and want to see what our advanced Office 365 reporting and analytics can do, why not sign up for a free 14-day trial?