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Introducing Nova: Our comprehensive Office 365 management platform

Aug 28, 2019 by Thomas Madsen

Today, we have some exciting product news to share with you.

After 12 months of development, we are ready to introduce Nova, our all-new SaaS management platform, encompassing an ever-growing range of crucial Office 365 functions for a secure, productive, cost-optimized service.

Nova is a platform for connected Office 365 management

Previously, our reporting, security, delegation, and policy control features had been siloed in specific products. This meant that you could only ‘see’ in Radar Reporting, and only ‘do’ in Autopilot. To do both, you would need to work across the applications to get the most value. We have completely overhauled the foundational architecture of our applications, to deliver a highly scalable, versatile platform which integrates existing capabilities with all new functionality and services.

Insight is nothing without action, and connected management in one interface is the only way to ensure speed, agility, and centralized control. Our belief is that this should be true whether you have one tenant or a hundred.

What’s new in Nova?

At the moment, the Nova platform includes the following services. As a fully SaaS offering, development and delivery will be ongoing, so you can expect a constant flow of new features and services into Nova.

I’m an existing Radar Reporting customer, what’s new?

First things first, you will still be able to access Radar Reporting for the next 8 months minimum via your normal login, and there will be an extended period of integrated coexistence to ensure a smooth user experience. We are doing this in phases, when you’re ready, we will be taking you through an assisted transition to ensure that you gain the full value that our new offering delivers, alongside the familiarity of the application you currently use.

Here are some of the key improvements you can expect to see:

  • Expanded Teams reporting – including individual team and user statistics
  • Include audit log data – Reports can now include data directly from the audit log, such as ‘failed logins’.
  • Improved multi-tenant support – All reports can be made multi-tenant. Import and export reports across tenant boundaries.
  • Multiple data source reports – Combine data from multiple workloads to compare and contrast, such as SharePoint Online, Exchange, Yammer, and the audit log.
  • Create Clone Reports – You can now clone custom reports to make report production faster.
  • Flexibility for report sharing – You can generate your own personal reports that only you can see, so that you socialise and review them before you publish them corporately.

This is just a small showcase of some of the changes we’ve made, and there’s lots more to come.

Take the next step towards advanced SaaS management with Nova, our new Office 365 management software.

Contact us to see how Nova can streamline operations, deliver full control of your environment, and empower your IT Teams to work on processes, rather than getting tied up in them.