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Introducing License Analyser: Your Office 365 License Management Tool

Jun 14, 2018 by Doug Davis

In the words of legendary business consultant-turned-philosopher Peter Drucker, ‘Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.’  

We all want to sharpen our business operations, but when it comes to Office 365 license optimization, the complex quagmire of administration often prevents effective decision making. It’s a problem Microsoft is well aware of, as outlined in their post detailing known issues using groups to manage licensing in Azure Active Directory 

In theory, the platform allows license assignment reviews, enabling admins to add or remove products where necessary. This generally works fine for small organizations, but for large companies operating in multiple locations with several user groups, keeping track becomes a logistical challenge, often resulting in unnecessary license distribution and even cases of duplication.  

Such inefficiencies can have a big impact on your bottom line, with needless expenditure stifling development and growth in other areas. To be more effective, you need greater clarity, which is where our new solution can help.

Effective Office 365 License Management

The Office 365 admin center doesn’t provide built-in reporting to easily identify what’s being used compared to what’s being paid for. However, the new Subscription Cost Analyser within our Office 365 management software offers exactly that; instant insight into license usage allowing for unrivalled Office 365 license management.

On the overview page, you’re presented with figures for Active Units (licenses purchased) and Assigned Units (those which are in use), as well as Units Remaining and Percentage Used.
 A screen shot of Quadrotech's Sunscription Cost Analyser for Office 365

 Simply select your chosen currency, hit ‘analyse’ and you’ll see exactly what this means in terms of cold, hard cash. 

 A screen shot of Subscription Analysis within Radar Reporting for Office 365

This transparent information gives you an immediate overview of monthly costs, allowing you to refine needs and renegotiate terms, or enterprise agreements where necessary.  

Most companies find they’re oversubscribed, paying out vast sums for licenses that go untouched, collecting digital dust as the bills rack up. This is largely due to the nature of initial estimations that go unchallenged, with the framework for analysis not readily available. 

Getting a firm grip on finances is the first step to license optimization, and our next feature allows you to drill into the detail to maximize ROI for each product. 

Subscription Products Analytics 

As staff come and go, user accounts should be routinely disabled, and licenses reclaimed. However, all too frequently, this doesn’t happen, meaning organizations continually assign new licenses to new starters, creating a stockpile of waste. 

The ability to reassign or reduce unwanted licenses for specific products – or potentially downgrade from comprehensive to more selective packages, perhaps E5 to E3 – ensures the running of a tight ship, empowering you to enhance overall operations. 

Here’s a snapshot of our Products Analytics Report, giving a clear outlook on where you stand: 

A screen shot from our Office 365 license management tool 

Regularly reviewing usage figures is essential to Office 365 license management, and this report allows you to gauge the viability of switching to a lower-cost package.  

Additionally, by highlighting areas of inactivity, admins are alerted to where additional training may be required to drive adoption, ensuring staff make the most of all available functionality. 

Knowledge is power, and our Office 365 License Analyser provides the perfect platform for strong decisions that make an impact.