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Intelligent Agent

4 Aug 2014 by Andrew Barnes

Why an Intelligent Agent?

A key factor in any PST migration project is how to manage the files in their current location. While it is possible to carry out PST migration without any sort of client agent the task will be difficult, disruptive and prone to failure.

This is particularly so when users have multiple PST files, and with large amounts of content. If 100 users, each with multi-GB files, were to detach files manual and initiate their own upload simultaneously the impact would be felt across all network users. If users disconnect from the corporate network and move to local ADSL access while in mid-copy the impact of a restart could severely restrict the productivity of an individual.

By employing an Intelligent Agent PST FlightDeck can easily:

  • Detach and re-attach files transparently from the user
  • Comply with data-protection requirements for user approval
  • Control the centralization process according to network load
  • Resume copying after interruption
  • Throttle transfer rates according to local workstation bandwidth
  • Allow remote operator intervention if required
  • Access files under local user credentials

Microsoft BITS technology is used to upload PST files using trusted, bandwidth-aware technologies which also allow resume and suspend when network states change on end-user workstations.

The Intelligent Agent can be installed with ease as an MSI file and will ensure the maximum amount of control over the process.