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Integrated mailbox and archive migration for Office 365

Apr 4, 2016 by Mike Weaver

Simplify and speed up adoption of Exchange Online

In previous blogs we’ve examined making Office 365 migrations less painful and why integrated mailbox and archive migration software was the future. In this blog, we talk about our solution to the problem!

To recap, if you migrate email to Office 365 you’ll also need to update or migrate any legacy archives so they’ll still work and maintain compliance. That’s why, for many organizations, migration of both live mailboxes and archives together as part of an Office 365/Exchange Online project is a no-brainer.  (This also allows you to get the most out of Office 365 and spin down equipment no longer needed)

If you want to ensure nothing breaks, with costs that are known upfront, and that user productivity isn’t interrupted, there’s only one integrated solution on the market that fits the bill. Quadrotech’s proven and reliable Mailbox Shuttle and Archive Shuttle applications now run seamlessly from a common schedule. By working together they allow migrations to be completed with minimal fuss and user intervention.

Naturally, at Quadrotech we’re really proud of this breakthrough. We think it finally removes the one remaining obstacle that prevents enterprises from moving to Office 365 – that of keeping the business running during migration without compromising the integrity of vital links between live mail and archives.

Why does interoperability matter?

The main advantage of having such close integration is the automation provided to the whole project. Interdependencies can be handled automatically and a reliable workflow can be defined and automated.

If you’re migrating to Office 365 it’s simply not enough to move your live email systems. Existing shortcuts to on-premises archives such as Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) lose some functionality.  With the “unlimited” storage offered in a lot of Office 365 plans, moving all this data out of your on-premise environment will also save a lot of money.

Although there are plenty of individual solutions for migrating mailboxes and archives to Office 365, unsurprisingly, we think our apps have numerous advantages. Our customers also benefit from a single vendor agreement and support arrangement. What’s new is that everything can now be treated as a single project. Quadrotech is the only vendor able to assist with both aspects of migration without the need for complex third-party middleware.

The benefits are obvious. Migration can be completed faster, more easily, and with greatly reduced risk exposure. If manpower and technology resources are constrained, we also offer the products as part of the world’s only one-stop integrated mailbox and archive managed migration service.

How Mailbox Shuttle and Archive Shuttle work together

Our integrated migration process involves defining a single schedule in Mailbox Shuttle. This generates objects in Office 365 for each user account and then hands them off so that archive data can be migrated into them by Archive Shuttle. Because both products use Quadrotech’s Sync’n’Switch technology, physical migration is completed with no interruption to users.

Once the user’s live mailbox has been migrated, Archive Shuttle will move its archive data and handle any shortcuts. Existing dependencies between live mail and the archive information are preserved, avoiding any problem with Office 365 not recognizing EV shortcuts. Common, web-based interfaces keep operators and users informed throughout the migration.

Migrating your archive has always involved far more additional work than mailbox migration, either through manually reconciling spreadsheets or by using other products. Now, for the first time, it’s possible to manage everything in one go. The advantages of Mailbox Shuttle are multiplied many times over if you are going to migrate your archives as well, as Archive Shuttle is widely recognized as the strongest product in its class.

Flexible and fast, with predictable results and costs

Quadrotech technologies provide record-breaking extraction and ingestion speeds, with the lowest failure rates in the industry.

Mailbox Shuttle and Archive Shuttle are both optimized to manage multiple thousands of users, with planning and scheduling tools ensuring the best use of resources.

The robust scripting engine takes this combined migration approach to new heights.  The scripting engine allows for custom PowerShell scripts to run before the migration starts after the initial synchronization completes, and after the migration (such as applying Office 365 licensing, enabling Skype for Business, or adding additional SMTP addresses).

Quadrotech’s Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) dramatically speeds up ingestion and maintains the integrity of the source data for future forensic analysis, while our Highly Optimized Transport System (HOTS) (currently in preview mode) reduces the volume of WAN data that needs to be transferred to Office 365 by as much as 55 percent. As mentioned above, our proprietary Sync’n’Switch technology synchronizes content in the background, then switches users seamlessly to ensure the business isn’t interrupted.

Archive Shuttle, Mailbox Shuttle, and Quadrotech’s specialized tool for extracting and eliminating offline mailboxes – PST Flight Deck – are available direct and through a worldwide partner network, which also offers our turnkey cloud-based managed migration services with simple, easy-to-understand pricing based on the volume of data to be migrated.

Contact Quadrotech today for a demonstration of how we can support your Office 365 migration program.