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Microsoft Inspire 2018 for the First Timer – Part 2

4 Jul 2018 by Becci Velzian

What happens in Vegas…

So we’ve given you the lowdown on what to do when you’re at the event. But you also need the 411 on Vegas baby!

Leading up to Microsoft’s biggest partner event: Inspire 2018 you may want to think about Vegas and what to do when you’re there. One of my jobs was to make sure my ‘Quadrofam’ were all fed and watered, as the last thing you want is a hangry team after a hectic day.

Where to go for meaty dishes?

In Vegas you are spoilt for choice when it comes to steakhouses, many Michelin star chefs from around the world have opened restaurants here to show off their best cuts. Steak is a great option to have whilst at Inspire because it helps to reduce fatigue and improves performance during physical activity, so a bit of a saviour when on your feet all day. In addition to these great benefits, it has a high content of vitamin B6 which boosts your serotonin and fights stress, moods and hormones. Perfect if your head is spinning after speaking with lots of partners!


If you fancy treating your team (or yourself, no judgement) to some steak and cocktails after a long, hard day at Inspire then hit up STRIPSTEAK in the Mandalay Bay Resort. They have a range of different menus to suit whatever mood you’re in after Inspire for whether you’re in need of just a drink, a quick bite or a three-course dinner to satisfy that post-event hunger. For appetizers they offer a range of dishes inspired by the finest foods from different cultures around the globe, such as: yellowtail sashimi, lobster tacos, wagyu tartare or Thai calamari. These can be perfect to go before a steak to change it up a bit, or as a light-bite. For mains they offer different steaks from Australia, Japan and New York or alternatively grilled seafood such as king crab legs, diver scallops and Scottish salmon to go with the meal or alone. They also recommend some steak accompaniments with your usual selection of sauces, lobster and shrimp. Ok, so my mouth is officially watering after that run-down, but check out their menu to see what else they have to offer such as salads and other cuisines. Their happy hour is during 4-5:30PM where you can grab a generous $8 cocktail!

Microsoft Inspire 2018 STRIPSTEAK


Where to go for seafood?

Seafood is an ideal cuisine choice when attending events like Microsoft Inspire. The high-quality protein in fish is the perfect way to restore energy and reduce hunger cravings. As you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors the seaweed helps keeps skin glowing and your immune system strong, ideal for avoiding illnesses lurking around in Vegas. Lastly, it’s famed for the Omega-3 fatty acids because they are a natural anti-inflammatory compounds and aid brain function – which is great if you’re feeling a bit fried after a big day at the event.


This place has the ultimate Asian persuasion with a colourful array of sushi, Japanese dishes and social media-worthy interiors. Here you can find every kind of sushi roll whether you prefer salmon or shrimp they’ve got it! If raw fish isn’t really your thing, they’ve got it covered, as they also serve bao buns and seafood pasta dishes. Check out their website here.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 Kumi


Got time for breakfast before Microsoft Inspire?

This is your fuel for your big day at Microsoft Inspire. I would go for eggs because they share a lot of benefits being abundant in omega 3, vitamin b6 and protein. But it doesn’t stop there, the high choline content which many people are deficient in supports high energy levels. Perfect for keeping on top form at all those Partner meetings, or for a busy session schedule! They also contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin which improve retina health which is super important when looking at screens and taking in all those demos and presentations all day.


How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine at EggSlut. A unique looking breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. Does everything from your standard egg sarnie to the Gaucho: an egg and Wagyu steak masterpiece! It’s also just a 6-minute drive up the road from the Mandalay Bay resort, so you could do a food run here before or during the conference.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 EggSlut


Trying to stay healthy over your trip?

When working away it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of eating well. However, there are some great foods which are on most restaurant menus you can go for. Avocados have taken the world by storm because they dramatically increase the nutrient value of everything else you’re eating, they are also great for eliminating cravings whilst at the event.  Spinach, tomatoes, garlic and broccoli are all super foods filled with powerful antioxidants to keep you going! They also contain high folate which is good for your ears especially after being in LOUD places like conference centers with 18,000+ attendees.

Libertine Social

Libertine Social stood out for me because of it’s amazing reviews and awards, being voted one of the best at the Mandalay Bay Resort. They have a selection of small plates, boards, a grill and lots of healthy options too! Some of my favourite healthier dishes on their menu was the creamy garlic hummus with cauliflowers florets, warm crab dip sharing board and prime beef short rib.

Where do you stumble off to after Bruno Mars?

The One Celebration is going to be the biggest Microsoft partner celebration of the year. Prepare yourself for pure uptown funk with Bruno Mars headlining alongside more exciting entertainment. This is more than likely going to be a late one, so make sure you grab something greasy on the way home (oh, the irony). My American colleague said it’s a no-brainer that you should head straight over to In-N-Out burger for some junk food delights. This is located a 10-minute drive from the Las Vegas speedway so also a convenient location to get to. I’ve also heard ‘Shake Shack’, which has a bit of a cult following, also does amazing burgers and fries and is only a short drive from Mandalay Bay Resort.


We’ve enjoyed our brief venture into food blogging, but it’s back to technology for us. Our Team at Inspire may not know their ‘Waygu’ from their ‘Crab Legs’ but they sure do know their ‘DPOR’ from their ‘WIT’, and how powerful Office 365 solutions can build strong profitable partnerships. Want to come and chat? You can book a meeting here or find us at booth 723!