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Identifying unused mobiles in Office 365

28 Aug 2013 by Dan Rose

The mobile market these days is one that is forever changing. Everyone seems to have their own personal device, sometimes two if you have a work mobile and then of course you may have a tablet.
Which is no surprise why we are seeing so many companies these days with hundreds if not thousands of devices connecting to Exchange or Office 365 via Activesync. This is especially true as companies start embracing the ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) policy.
But with the increase of mobiles we also start to see a large increase of inactive mobiles, as new and updated mobiles come available, your old phone or tablet may just be thrown into you desk and gather dust for the next few years.
Now if you’re like me then I’d like know exactly which devices haven’t been syncing for sometime and who owned it, especially as security is always a major factor when it come to company information and where it sits.
So we’ve developed a simple script that you can run to output the all mobile devices that have not synced in the last 14 days, all the information is exported into .CSV format. The script can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Script Centre.
The output gives the UPN of the mobile owner, the model of the device and the last sync date.
Of course if you would like all of this information automatically delivered to your inbox on a schedule of your choice then you can sign up to Cogmotive Reports, which also gives you the benefit of presenting this in an easily readable graph.