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How Many Emails Are Being Sent Within Your Organisation? New Mail Traffic Report – Internal vs External

Nov 30, 2015 by Ian Byrne

One of our most requested features has been greater visibility into the flow of mail traffic within a Microsoft Office 365 environment – how many messages are being sent internally within your company compared to externally? Could this number be reduced by introducing an Instant Messaging service such as Skype for Business? Or perhaps people are sending large file sizes amongst themselves when they should instead be using a collaboration tool such as SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business?

Today Quadrotech is pleased to announce a new addition to their Office 365 Reports product – The Internal vs External Mail Traffic report. This shows the total number and size of messages flowing within your organization over a given time period.

Internal vs External
This can also be broken down per day in the form of a bar or line chart:

Internal vs External Internal vs External
This report is immediately available in our Office 365 Reporting software, offering greater insights into your Microsoft Office 365 environment.