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Hillary Clinton’s emails bounce back

Nov 1, 2016 by Romulo Melillo

Email investigations can come at the most inconvenient time
In what has been an extraordinary election by any standards, the specter of email has come back again to dominate the headlines in the American presidential race.

It’s quite extraordinary given what’s at stake that the investigation which concluded last July should be reopened and that it should cause such a rumpus.
Surely the FBI, of all agencies, had the resources to do a thorough job the first time round. The lesson for all of us is that investigations can hit at any time, and that organizations need to know where their emails are.[vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column width=”3/4″]What’s happened to Hillary’s emails this time?
The FBI is examining thousands of emails on a laptop used by Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin. It’s said that 650,000 emails were found during a separate investigation involving Abedin’s husband.

Some of these emails may have been sent through the private server involved in the previous Clinton email investigation, but they may not have been examined by the FBI at the time. From reports it appears the FBI is not sure which emails have already been examined and which haven’t, which says something about how well the process has worked.

But the fact that the story has broken at all, and the Clinton camp’s necessarily robust defense has called the FBI’s own chief’s motives into question, shows that anyone can make mischief with email records at any time.
Are all your business emails auditable?
Every email your employees, associates and contractors sends or receives through your servers has to be going to and from other parties. If you’re going to try defending your position in a future court action, you need full details of what was sent and received, and when.

You can monitor some of this with the right tools, and by enforcing policies that prevent your people from using private email accounts and servers on company business.

But when was the last time you, personally, used a non-work email account to send something to do with work? Then just imagine how many other people – who know far less than you about email security and retention – are guilty of the same action.

Fortunately for the investigators, a copy of anything that gets sent of your business is going to be stored somewhere. It just won’t necessarily be on your system.[vc_cta h2=”Want to avoid PST problems?” color=”blue” add_button=”bottom” btn_title=”Find out how Quadrotech can help” btn_style=”classic” btn_color=”primary” btn_link=”|||”][/vc_cta]