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Grasping the Email Migration Nettle

May 9, 2016 by Stefanie Elvers

Are email migrations just a bother or can they be an opportunity?

When talking to our customers and partners about their email migration projects, I’ve noticed a pattern emerging: while any kind of change within the IT infrastructure of our customers is causing pains (cost of change, change management processes, compliance, user education, and so forth), it often can also pose an opportunity.

Other, often minor, changes such as establishing a retention strategy for compliance reasons or for eDiscovery purposes are often pushed out, neglected and/or deemed not important enough to act on by themselves. When carrying out a migration project, those smaller changes can effortlessly be implemented and can lessen the overall pain of the IT change quite tremendously.[vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column width=”3/4″]The QUADROtech suite of products offer various filter mechanisms to allow organizations to control the age or retention category of data that should be migrated. Only want data migrated to, for example, Office 365 that is younger than 5 years? Smaller than 25 MB in size? Associated with a 10-year retention category in Veritas Enterprise Vault? Then our Triple-Stack of products, comprised of Mailbox and Archive Migration as well as PST Elimination solutions can help: Only migrate the data you need, starting your new IT or Email infrastructure with a clean slate and have a lean, compliant set of information to work with going forward.

When talking about retention management with customers, it became apparent to me that another big stumbling block happens to be the demands of the various departments within an organization. Different retention times, processes and requirements are cited by different department heads. Because of this, it is important that different migration procedures, filters and workflows can be associated with different groups of users: Flexibility is key for many projects.

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